Get Help for Every Step of the Probate or Trust Administration Process

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If you’ve been chosen to serve as Personal Representative of an Estate or as Trustee to fulfill Trust administration duties, call Bender-Kelner Wills, Trusts & Estates P.A. Law Firm. We can help you prepare for the role, complete your duties properly, and make sure you distribute the assets under a Will or Trust correctly. Being named as a Personal Representative under a Will does not, in most cases, provide you with the authority to proceed to act on behalf of the estate. We can explain this all to you and help you obtain the authorization you need to proceed.

To learn more about our services to guide you as a Personal Representative or Trustee, call 952-930-3700 now. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for your role.

3 reasons to hire a our firm for beneficiary representation

3 reasons to hire a our firm for beneficiary representation

Even if you think there will be no problems receiving your inheritance, you should still consider getting beneficiary representation. With help from our firm, you:

  1. Will be guided by someone who understands the probate and Trust administration process, can answer your questions, and advise you of actions you may want or need to take.
  2. Will be prepared to represent or guide you if any Will contests or probate disputes come up.
  3. Can make sure you receive what you’re entitled to.

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